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NextGen Patient Portal

Connect with Patients

While offering standard features such as appointment requests, prescription renewals, and transmission of documents and forms, NextGen Patient Portal reaches far beyond other portals.

Empowering Patients

  • The ability for patient information, including referrals, to be imported directly into NextGen EHR, replacing key stroking by the front desk.
  • Automated interviews through integrated technology that allow patients to complete their own history prior to the physician encounter.
  • Customized disease and health management plans based on the patient's input via NextMD to the provider, who can then track, measure and adjust plans.
  • Integration with the NextGen product suite to enable consistent, real-time clinical and administrative workflow among providers, hospitals, and patients.  

Feature Rich

Enable Electronic Prescriptions

Patients can place, or check, electronic prescription requests at any time. Healthcare providers can respond to these requests online, as well.

Facilitate Online Payments

Help reduce days in A/R, while decreasing bad claims, using the Portal’s billing history capabilities. Patients can view statements and pay online.

Streamline Documentation

Initiate online patient interviews allowing patients to document their medical history prior to the office visit.

Simplify Tasks

Simplify administrative tasks Including patient statements, appointment reminders, and general paperwork.

Integrated Workflow

Integrate with the NextGen product suite to enable real-time clinical and administrative workflow.  

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