Remote backup

If your network fails, you’ll want to recover your patient and practice data as quickly and completely as possible to minimize interruptions in care. That’s where remote backup comes in.


The primary focus of a remote backup solution is to provide fast data recovery and minimize downtime. A well-designed, best-in-class remote backup system will also help your organization:


1.     Decrease operating costs — Your office staff won’t have to catalog, move, and store backup tapes offsite. Data backup and storage happens automatically, and data are optimized to ensure that bandwidth and storage capabilities are maximized at all times. That means you’ll be able to go longer without having to purchase more server space for backups.


2.     Save time retrieving files — Instead of searching through offsite, stored backup tapes looking for that file you accidentally deleted, we’ll  quickly retrieve lost files and folders from the backup appliance or from the cloud.


3.     Minimize downtime in the event of a system failure — In the event of a hardware or system failure, our network experts will help restore operations as quickly as possible. You can also choose cloud continuity, which can quickly and easily virtualize your IT infrastructure in the cloud to keep your business going following a system failure.


Other features of Med Tech Solutions’s full-featured, backup services


1.     Full backup and recovery of desktops, laptops and servers

2.     Failover to an onsite appliance for server redundancy and a cost-effective platform  for complete and continuous access to all business data, applications and systems

3.     Disaster recovery – both onsite for local server recovery and in the cloud for full site disaster planning

4.     Cloud virtualization  

5.     Server, desktop and laptop protection

It could happen to anyone 78% of all data loss is due to a hardware or system failure; 11% is due to human error. And 31% of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control.

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